I teach small group yoga classes, workshops and individual yoga lessons in the Exeter Area. I am a qualified yoga teacher having trained specifically as Viniyoga teacher.

The Teacher
Jane Harris
I teach yoga in Exeter - both small group evening yoga classes, yoga workshops and individual yoga lessons.  

I am a qualified yoga teacher, having trained specifically within the approach known as Viniyoga, and also more generally.  See more about Qualifications

What is Yoga?
Yoga is the intelligent (viniyoga) combination and application of posture (asana), breath (pranayama), and meditative techniques (dharana and dhyana).  Yoga can improve sleep, digestion, strength and flexibility.  A regular yoga practice can also allow us to experience the stillness that is present within each of us, that which can be described as a 'sense of uncomplicated wholeness' - Peter Hersnack.

Through the practice of Yoga it is possible to learn how to relieve suffering and improve healing for a wide range of common ailments and disorders.  More about the benefits of Yoga