Sunday Morning Yoga Workshops in Exeter

Sunday Morning Yoga Workshops in Exeter

If you enjoy your yoga, whether it be in a group class or as a 1-2-1 student, then why not try a yoga workshop in Exeter.

These events are suitable for anyone who has at least some experience with yoga, and not necessarily Viniyoga. They are an opportunity to take a little more time, and to move a little more deeply, into some aspect of yoga and it's practice.  

£18 if paid in advance, or £21 on the day -  refreshments are included.

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4th February 2018 - Look Lively

This will be a little something for the legs.  We will be looking particularly at flexibility , but it may not be all about forward bends.  However, it will involve the breath, particularly the exhalation.  Come along prepared to to stretch your body, your breath, and perhaps your expectations.

18th March 2018 - AK is OK

A chance to explore the most neglected of the breath pauses - the AK, or pause after the inhalation.  The inhalation opens the body and very obviously raises the energy, and the AK magnifies these effects, so expect some back bends and come ready to wake the energy in celebration of Spring's official arrival on 20th March.

7th October 2018 - A Condition of Complete Simplicity

This workshop will focus on Matsyendrasana - the seated twist, one of the most important postures in Yoga.  This posture can leave the practitioner feeling profoundly present & aware of  an inner stillness, and is a good  place from which to explore one of the central themes of Little Gidding, the last of TS Eliot's Four Quartets.

18th November 2018 - Me, Myself & I

It's all about ego.  Or is it?  This morning we will look at the yogic theory of mind, and a s a teaser I will tell you now that it will have you in at least three minds.  But what is ego, and what is it's role?  Must we always regard it negatively?  There will be plenty of asana & pranayama (posture & breath work), and some discussion.